Genesis Engine Litepaper
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This Brief Overview delves into the ambitious initiative of Triolith Games AB - The Genesis Engine, and the $GENES token offering. It offers a comprehensive non-technical insight into the platform, token sale structure and pricing, introduces the team steering the project, and outlines the roadmap ahead. Additionally, the document explores the allocation of funds, delves into the regulatory landscape, conducts a risk analysis, and elucidates the legal framework. The aim is to equip potential investors with the requisite details to facilitate well-informed decisions before considering investment.
IMPORTANT: The descriptions of products in this document carry inherent risks, including the potential loss of the entire contributed amount. The tokens available for acquisition lack protection from legally authorized entities providing investment services, and the proposed use of ledger technology (blockchain) is groundbreaking, bringing significant associated risks.
The entity issuing the crypto-assets bears exclusive responsibility for the content presented in this crypto-asset brief.
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