Triolith Games is building the Genesis Engine, a “free to use” infrastructure and ecosystem that helps Web3 game developers follow regulations, manage complex game economies and loot-systems. Many developers either don’t care about following the regulations and think regulators won’t come for them, or they just don’t realize that there are regulations. Triolith Games and The Genesis Engine help them manage this in an easy way by acting as a custodian.

The platform provides SDKs and APIs to all the popular gaming blockchains including our own Genesys Chain, asset management, game economy management, NFT and token minting tools, custodial and non-custodial wallets and more. Part of the platform will be open-source, if developers need something specific for their game they can develop it, and Triolith then implement it into the platform.

For gamers it’s a gaming hub similar to Steam where they can find games, talk about them in the community, buy and sell tokens and NFT’s. Our main solution for the gamers is our Tax help which takes care of a major headache for gamers. Often a gamers can have thousands if not millions of transactions where each transaction is worth a few cents, and it could cost more to calculate the taxes than you have actually made on playing the game. And last but not least we will provide a SAFU fund for both game developers and gamers so if there is a hack, or if a game would shut down for various reasons a developer could pay back the lost funds or a gamer could potentially burn an NFT and at least get some of their investment back!

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