The founder and leadership consists of several game and blockchain industry professionals with several years of experience from the industry.

Magnus Söderberg - CEO & Founder: Magnus has been active in the gaming industry since 2010 and successfully took one startup to the Swedish stock exchange. With over 15,000 hours of experience in Entropia Universe, the world's first Play to Earn game, he authored one of the world's first bachelor theses on designing a loot system for MMORPGs with real money, while avoiding lottery regulation. Linkedin

Andreas Johansson - COO & Co-Founder: Andreas is an experienced leader and business developer who has been building next-generation technology platforms for over 20 years. He was also one of the founders of the Swedish Blockchain Association. Linkedin

Mats Törnblom - CTO: Mats is an experienced IT architect who has previously worked at one of Sweden's largest banks and the Royal Institute of Technology. He has been designing solutions for top-tier companies for several years but is now fully dedicated to web3 initiatives. Linkedin

Kuluni Devanarayana - CMO: Kuluni is an experienced advertising and marketing leader with over 7 years of experience in advertising and strategic planning in both web2 and web3. She has worked with startups, Fortune 500 companies, and multinational organizations such as Reliance Industries, Ogilvy, and the United Nations Development Program. Linkedin

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