Genesis Engine Litepaper
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About Genesis Engine

The Genesis Engine sets itself apart from conventional game engines like Unity or Unreal by focusing on reshaping the future of the web3 gaming industry. Positioned as more than just an engine, it acts as a custodian for game developers, addressing regulatory challenges and providing a robust infrastructure for seamless integration of web3 technology.
Unlike traditional engines, The Genesis Engine offers a comprehensive web3 gaming infrastructure, enabling studios to effortlessly incorporate blockchain technology into their games. It streamlines the management of intricate game economies and loot systems, offering a solution that goes beyond the typical scope of game engines.
Developers benefit from the Genesis Engine's capability to handle complex tasks associated with blockchain technology, such as managing and creating NFTs, crypto assets, game economy logic, asset ownership, and trading. The engine significantly reduces the need for developers to possess an in-depth understanding of blockchain intricacies, acting as a custodian to simplify these processes.
Moreover, The Genesis Engine plays a crucial role in ensuring legitimacy, validating game economy designs, smart contracts, and more. Its emphasis on safety, security, and compliance contributes to a trustworthy environment for developers and players alike.
A standout feature of The Genesis Engine is its provision of pre-made systems for game loot and economies, which are skill-based. This unique approach not only bypasses regulations related to lotteries but also ensures regulatory compliance. By rewarding player skill, it enhances the overall gaming experience, aligning with the engine's commitment to innovation in the web3 gaming landscape.