Validation & Staking

In our Proof-of-Stake (PoS) system, the transaction verification process is facilitated by a dynamic selection of validators determined by the algorithm. This approach enables simultaneous validation of multiple transactions, temporarily stored in a designated "cache" until forming a complete block seamlessly integrated into the blockchain.

Validators in our system actively participate by staking their tokens. To encourage staking and bolster network security, we employ a diminishing return mechanism on rewards. As the staked amount increases, the rate of reward diminishes, providing fair and consistent returns to stakers and contributing to heightened network security.

Additionally, all transaction fees collected within the system are pooled into a designated fund. Contrary to traditional PoS models where rewards are based on transaction validation, we've adopted a novel approach. In our system, rewards are distributed to everyone who participates in validation, irrespective of whether they verified a specific transaction. This inclusive model ensures that everyone staking tokens, regardless of direct transaction verification involvement, receives a fair share of the pooled fees. This innovative approach promotes widespread participation and rewards contributors based on their staked amount rather than transaction-specific validation efforts.

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