Genesys Chain

Genesys Blockchain Architecture Overview:

The Genesys blockchain is a dynamic and innovative framework leveraging a layered and modular structure to create a seamless and efficient gaming ecosystem. At its core, the blockchain comprises different blockchains working in harmony, each serving a unique purpose to enhance the overall gaming experience.

A Broad Overview:

The architecture is designed for optimal performance, scalability, and efficiency. It includes a primary Layer 1, functioning as a storage for assets and data. Complementing this, Layer 2 blockchains are created for each new game, dynamically loading game assets from Layer 1 and providing localized storage.

  1. Main Layer 1:

    • Serves as a central repository for assets and data.

    • Ensures robust storage and accessibility of assets, forming the foundational layer for the Genesys blockchain.

  2. Game-specific Layer 2 Blockchains:

    • Created for each new game, these blockchains dynamically load game assets from the main Layer 1 and provide localized storage.

  3. Side Chains:

    • Two specialized "side chains" optimized for specific functions:

      • A "Receipt" Chain:

        • Prioritizes high transaction speeds and rapid transaction verification.

        • Manages receipts, particularly in transactions involving purchases from game developers or other players.

      • Temporary Asset Chain:

        • Focuses on quick updates for player owned assets.

        • Holds gaming assets owned by players, ensuring swift updates to asset data within the game (e.g., asset upgrades etc.).

  4. Asset Ownership and Transactions:

    • Ownership changes of in-game objects or assets do not impact the actual asset on the primary chain.

    • The transaction involves the exchange of a receipt, not the entire asset.

    • High transaction speeds are achieved by only transferring a minimal amount of data (receipt) rather than the larger asset file size, often several megabytes.

This architecture ensures a harmonious integration of speed, efficiency, and scalability within the Genesys blockchain. By strategically utilizing different layers and chains, Genesys optimizes the management of assets, transactions, and receipts, contributing to a dynamic and high-performance gaming experience.

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