Game developer

Here are some of the initial features game developers will have access to.

  • "Free" to use!

    • No cost for platform access or basic features. Platform monetize via fees taken on sales between players or players and Developers.

  • Regulatory compliance

    • Adherence to relevant legal and regulatory requirements.

  • Pre-made game economy and loot systems

    • Ready-to-use templates for establishing in-game economies and loot distribution systems.

  • Pre-made smart contracts

    • Ready-to-deploy smart contracts for various in-game functionalities.

  • SDKs and APIs for interoperability

    • Software Development Kits and Application Programming Interfaces ensuring compatibility with major gaming blockchains.

  • Game Asset Management

    • Tools to manage and organize in-game assets efficiently.

  • Define game economy logic

    • Set rules governing your game's economy, including NFT quantities, rules for minting additional NFTs, etc.

  • Multi-mint NFTs (minting all assets into NFTs in one go)

    • Bulk creation of NFTs for all assets simultaneously, streamlining the process.

  • Easily design your token and mint it

    • Simple and user-friendly tools for designing and minting tokens.

  • Company & Game Storefront

    • Customizable digital storefronts for showcasing both the company and individual games.

  • NFT & Token Marketplace

    • Integrated marketplace for trading NFTs and tokens.

  • Analytics

    • Comprehensive data analysis tools providing insights into platform usage, user behavior, and more.

  • More features added as we build.

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