Visionary Leadership and Operational Excellence

At our core, we believe in fostering a dynamic and innovative work culture, placing a premium on creativity. My role as the visionary is to guide our mission of creating a workplace that values autonomy, collaboration, and adaptability.

To realize this vision, we embrace a decentralized model inspired by industry leaders such as Supercell and Valve Corporation. Our small, autonomous teams are empowered to make decisions and engage in creative experimentation. As CEO, my primary role is that of a visionary and a support function, ensuring teams have the necessary mandates, tools, and support for outstanding product development.

Our working culture is built on the latest scientific insights. We advocate for shorter workdays (typically 6-7 hours) and explore the potential of a 4-day work week. Additionally, we offer 5 weeks of paid vacation and support remote work. These practices are not just about employee well-being; they contribute to a happy and productive workforce, ultimately enhancing the quality of our products.

In summary, my role as the visionary is to steer our approach founded on the principles of autonomy, innovation, and employee well-being, creating a workplace that not only values happiness but also drives superior productivity and the development of exceptional products.

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