Genesis Engine Litepaper
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The Genesis Nexus Council

The Genesis Council stands as a testament to our commitment to collaborative governance, drawing inspiration from successful models like CCP's player-elected advisory group for EVE Online. Comprising passionate and dedicated members, the council plays a pivotal role in shaping the development of our community and the gaming ecosystem—the Genesis Engine.
Key Responsibilities:
  • Upholding a Code of Conduct:
    • Ensuring professionalism and transparency within the council.
  • Advocating for the Player Community:
    • Representing the player community's interests in strategic development discussions.
  • Collaborative Engagement:
    • Participating in online meetings, internal access sessions, and on-site summits to foster collaborative decision-making.
  • Structured Feedback:
    • Providing invaluable feedback on development priorities, features, and active projects.
Member Benefits:
  • Event Admission:
    • Council members enjoy exclusive event admission, fostering a sense of belonging and recognition.
  • Digital Rewards:
    • Recognizing the dedication of our council members, digital rewards are extended as tokens of appreciation.
Embodying a community-driven commitment, the Genesis Council is more than an advisory group; it's a vibrant community of influencers actively shaping the future of the Genesis Engine Gaming Ecosystem.