The Genesys chain operates without the use of gas. Instead, the company charges a set fee (to be determined) on each transaction made between players, game developers, and gamers. For instance, if a player wants to sell an item for $100, the system will impose a fee of 5%.

This fee is then placed in an escrow account, and the funds accumulated in this account are distributed every x hours as follows: 30% to the company (with 5% going to the SAFU fund), 60% to the game studio, and 10% to validators. The exact percentages are yet to be determined. When a developer employs our platform to create their game, the fee is automatically incorporated into their smart contracts.

When transactions are not done using the Genesys chain, we still ensure that the smart contracts include the fees. This way, the fees can be distributed to our customers. Additionally, we have the option to charge a monthly fee if necessary.

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