Information on Token Sale

This document outlines the terms governing the sale of $Genes, which will unfold across three distinct phases.

Juicebox Sale

An initial sale will take place on wherein a complementary token will be offered alongside four tiers of NFTs, each conferring specific benefits on the platform. This particular round will serve to gauge the initial market perception of the Genes token's value and will be instrumental in establishing the pricing framework for the subsequent Seed and Public sales of the token. Upon completion of the sale, a total of 200M tokens will be distributed among these initial buyers.

Depending on how well the Juicebox sale does we may add more tokens to the allocation from the planned seed sale. This will have a positive impact on the tokenomics in the long run.

  • Start date: Jan / Feb 2024 (TBD)

  • Unlock at TGE: 10%

  • Lock-up Period: 12 months from TGE

  • Vesting period: 12 months linear release, once per month

  • 5,000 tokens per Eth paid

  • 4 tiers of NFTs based on ETH paid (Limited supply on top 3 tiers)

    • Refer to Juicebox rewards for NFT specifications and holding rewards.

  • Max Tokens issued by conversion of Juicebox tokens: 200M

Seed Sale

Triolith Games AB is set to conduct a Seed Sale of 300M tokens following the conclusion of the Juicebox sale. The pricing for this Seed Sale will be derived from the Juicebox token price but may exhibit slight variations from the final Juicebox price.

  • Start date: Spring 2024 (TBD)

  • Unlock at TGE: 10%

  • Lock-up Period: 12 months from TGE

  • Vesting period: 12 months linear release, one per month

  • Max % of total supply: 3%

  • Max tokens issued: 300M

  • Token Price: TBD (based on Juicebox sale price)

Public Sale

Upon completion of the Seed sale, the issuer will offer up to 10% of the total tokens in a public sale. Any tokens offered in the Seed Sale that are not sold in the designated sale may be offered in the public sale. The issuer may also opt to burn or put the tokens into the treasury, or airdrop them to the community. This sale can be offered via CEX, DEX or launchpads.

Jurisdiction and Competence

Any matters arising from this document and/or its associated subscription terms will be governed by Swedish law. Explicitly relinquishing any alternative jurisdiction that may be applicable, buyers consent to the jurisdiction of the courts in Stockholm to settle any disputes that may arise concerning the interpretation or execution of this document and/or its associated subscription terms.

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