Juicebox Rewards

Each participant receives 5,000 tokens per ETH in the first cycle. Token rate decreases by 0.5% in each subsequent cycle. For current cycle length check Juicebox.

Tokens rewarded via Juicebox for participation will later be converted to our main token ($GENES) once it’s been created.

Token redeem multiplier indicates the ratio at which the earned tokens will be exchanged for $Genes tokens in the future. The higher the multiplier, the more $Genes tokens you get per token. These additional tokens are to reward early adopters and will be taken from our community engagement pool so as to not affect the the Juicebox token supply pool.

NFT Rewards

  • 4 Tiers of NFT’s

    • Legendary (includes all lower tier benefits, except lower tier profit sharing)

      • 20% lower fees (excluding lower tiers)

      • VIP Discord group Access

      • Token redeem multiplier 1:1.8

    • Epic (includes all lower tier benefits, except lower tier profit sharing)

      • 10% lower fees

      • Automatic Airdrop whitelist

      • Early access to future game token launches

      • Token redeem multiplier 1:1.5

    • Champion (includes all lower tier benefits)

      • 5% lower fees

      • Early access to games

      • Priority Access to Platform Updates / Beta features

      • Token redeem multiplier 1:1.3

    • Arcane

      • Voting rights on new platform features

      • Access to special events, Virtual Meetups, Gaming Tournaments, Webinars etc.

      • Public sale whitelist

      • Early supporter badge

      • Token redeem multiplier 1:1.2

At a later stage all NFT’s will be exchanged for NFT’s with upgraded graphics and potential additional benefits.

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