Potential profit-sharing disclaimer

The project contemplates the introduction of potential profit-sharing mechanisms associated with NFT ownership. Participants are advised that the activation of profit-sharing features is contingent upon legal frameworks permitting such arrangements. The project reserves the right, subject to strict adherence to prevailing laws and regulations, to explore and enact revenue-sharing or dividend mechanisms in the future.

Potential profit-sharing structure

In the event that legal permissibility allows for profit-sharing, participants holding NFTs may be eligible for dividends as follows:

  • Legendary Tier:

    • 60% of dividends distributed among Legendary NFT holders.

  • Epic Tier:

    • 30% of dividends distributed among Epic NFT holders.

  • Champion Tier:

    • 10% of dividends distributed among Champion NFT holders.

Profit-sharing details

Profit sharing within the Genesis Engine ecosystem mirrors the concept of dividends for shareholders in a traditional company. On an annual (or potentially monthly) basis, a predetermined percentage of the company's profits will be allocated to NFT holders. The distribution will occur based on the predetermined split among NFT holders, ensuring a fair and transparent distribution of profits among our valued community members. In the future, this might also be automated to happen on every payout from our reward pool. A dedicated dashboard will be created where you can follow the payouts and more.

Participants should note that the potential introduction of profit-sharing features is speculative and subject to legal feasibility. The project will assess and communicate any adjustments or implementation of profit-sharing features in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Participants are strongly encouraged to stay informed about updates and seek independent legal advice regarding the potential implications of their participation, specifically concerning potential profit-sharing benefits tied to NFT tiers.

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