Use of funds

Funds initially raised through equity investors and Juicebox will be strategically utilized for the redesign of the Triolith Games AB website, community-focused marketing efforts, the development of our native token ($GENES), and the initiation of the MVP for The Genesis Engine.

Once the $GENES token is fully developed, we intend to conduct a token launch to secure additional funding. Ongoing discussions with various exchanges and launchpads are already in progress to facilitate this process.

After the token launch we plan to embark on the creation of our proprietary L1/L2 blockchain, a substantial undertaking incurring significant costs.

The funds raised will play a crucial role in advancing Triolith Games AB's global operations. We are committed to adopting cutting-edge technologies, facilitating game developers in implementing blockchain within their games. Our role includes acting as a custodian, handling regulatory compliance so that game developers can focus solely on creating exceptional games. This custodial function constitutes a substantial portion of the allocated funds. Moreover, security measures will be prioritized to ensure the integrity of our platform. Marketing efforts, as emphasized in the provided text, will also be integral to our strategic allocation of funds. Please note that these allocations are subject to adjustments based on evolving needs and priorities.

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