Token Utility

Token Utility:

Unlock a spectrum of functionalities with the GENES Token:

  • Marketplace Payment: Seamlessly transact within our ecosystem, using $GENES as a preferred method of payment on our platform's marketplace.

  • Oracle Service Payment: Engage with oracle services powered by $GENES, ensuring reliable and decentralized data feeds for various applications.

  • Dev Subscription Payment: Facilitate developer collaborations by utilizing $GENES for subscription payments, fostering a vibrant and dynamic community.

  • Launchpad Fee: Participate in token launches and projects on our launchpad, paying fees effortlessly with $GENES.

  • Lower Trading Fees: Enjoy reduced trading fees when using $GENES for transactions, providing an added incentive for active participants.

  • Staking: Stake $GENES to earn rewards and actively contribute to the security and stability of our blockchain network.

  • Grants for Developers: Foster innovation and development within our community by allocating grants to talented developers, funded by $GENES.

  • DAO Votes and Proposals: $GENES enables voting on proposals, potentially shaping the future of Triolith Games AB through a decentralized governance system, with plans for a DAO under consideration.

  • And More...: Explore a myriad of additional use cases and benefits as we continue to evolve and expand the $GENES ecosystem.

Embrace the versatility of $GENES, your key to a thriving and collaborative blockchain gaming ecosystem.

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